The Summer Show was launched as the primary season in the annual fashion calendar in the same year that Colombo Fashion Week was, in 2003. The event has served as the most significant and prolific designer showcase in the country, featuring the collections of renowned Sri Lankan and international fashion designers. Colombo Fashion Week’s longstanding vision and commitment has been and continues to be to provide a platform for Sri Lankan designers via the Spring/Summer show. Consequently, this has resulted in the event being considered the backbone of Sri Lanka’s fashion industry. The show is also one of four main fashion weeks in the continent that are over a decade old.


Initially launched as “Swim” and a second season in Colombo Fashion Week’s annual fashion calendar. The event focuses solely on swim and resortwear and is positioned as the foremost platform for local swimwear labels and manufacturers and renowned international swimwear brands. The show, which takes place between July and August every year, showcases the latest trendy collections of renowned, featured designers.

Colombo Fashion Week is the first of the major fashion weeks in Asia to focus on resortwear incorporating the category into its annual fashion calendar as one of the main seasons. It has provided a platform for designers to showcase their collections and perspectives on fashion relevant to the season.

Previously, the event featured beachwear, swimwear, holidaywear and cruisewear, designed and produced by leading designers in both the local and international scene.


Colombo Fashion Week (CFW) unveils the next generation of designers with this year's Emerging Designers' showcase. The designs of a select number of outstanding, aspiring fashion designers chosen by an expert panel of judges. The designers have been mentored by the CFW team to aid them in honing their skills and being guided through the creative process to produce each of their runway-ready collections. The deep insight young designers get into the intricacies that one of the biggest fashion weeks in Asia entails gives them the chances to gain recognition in the highly competitive local fashion industry.


Colombo Fashion Week partners with some of the city’s choicest fine dining destinations at every season. Inspired and exclusive menus that beautifully merge the fashion and culinary worlds complementing one another are curated providing attendees with a unique and unparalleled experience. Given that a broader participation of tastemakers that transcend the runway is encouraged, each season of Colombo Fashion Week is made a citywide celebration of exemplary style and taste.

Ancestral Head-dress by Pala Pothupitiya


CFW Frame is synonymous with Fashion +Art: A unique merger that will be a part of the upcoming season of Colombo Fashion Week and will feature some of Colombo’s foremost artists. 5 of the country’s major artists will come together to exhibit work relating to fashion and according to a theme set for the exhibition that is related to fashion.


Fashion and Film is an initiative by Colombo Fashion Week this season. Aided by a film director, designers will capture a 2 minute video on their smartphones which will be an interactive visual representation of each designers collections and the inspirations for it.


The upcoming season of Colombo Fashion Week will feature a day dedicated to the topic of ethics in the fashion industry. This segment aims to break new ground, educate and inspire with a series of talks centered around ethics by experts in the industry. The subject of ethics in fashion is becoming an increasingly important one globally hence the significance of this day as part of Summer 18's upcoming schedule. For more information on Ethical Day, please mail us at


Retail Walk is one of Colombo Fashion Week’s latest subsidiary. This initiative saw the brand partner up with select stores to offer a unique and enthralling retail experience within the fort. Each participating store offered an exclusive promotion in collaboration with the programme.


Colombo Fashion Week established the Fashion Design Fund in 2014 with the intent of financially supporting the most outstanding participant of the “Emerging Designer” show. Every year, an up-and-coming designer with significant potential is chosen and provided the necessary funding to kick-start their very own label.

Past winners:

2014Peronie Stefel, Stefel by Peronie

2015Kasun Gunawardana, KASUN

2016Anushika Perera


Fashion Week after-parties are legendary and the buzz surrounding them globally makes them one of the most hyped events of the year in any country, anywhere in the world. CFW AFTERPARTIES are no exception to this phenomenon. Every season of Colombo Fashion Week concludes with a series of exotic themed events featuring trendsetters, revelers, designers, models and invitees and some of the country’s most acclaimed names in the local music and entertainment industry. What sets each of these events apart is that each has their own distinctive theme and ambience.


The Designer Pod is an initiative of fundamental importance assisting Colombo Fashion Week in attaining its primary goals. It serves as an incubator for the development of homegrown fashion labels and provides designers with a pop-up space to sell their collections within an established retail house. This format affords designers, who may not have their own boutique or retail space the opportunity to generate a sustainable income, obtain their customers feedback and learn how best to display and sell their collections for retail.

"Emerging Designers will be retailing their Spring/ Summer 2017 collections with Trunk"


CFW Designer Nights is a unique retail opportunity for fashion designers. It allows them to showcase and pre-sell items from their latest collections to an exclusive gathering of fashion buyers and consumers at the CFW Designer Pod, set up within an established retail house. This format benefits designers who may not have their own boutique or retail space by allowing them to earn a sustainable income, pay attention to consumer response and learn how best to display and sell their collections for retail.


Project 7 is a detailed designer development project that aims to strengthen the ideation process leading to a strong point-of-view development. It is a specialised programme composed of a series of workshops that takes participants through practical steps that influence creativity and ideation with a refreshing perspective. This programme also gives participants knowledge and insight into the fashion industry as well as what it takes to be successful on both the runway and in retail today.



Colombo Fashion Week’s knowledge workshops aim to nurture new talent and transform them into professionals in the industry. Annually, the workshops focus on hot topics and current critical technical aspects of the fashion industry. This year’s knowledge workshops will feature some of the industry’s most sought after experts to provide the event’s attendees with useful insights into the world of fashion, styling, fashion films and illustration.

Designer retail workshops

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