Achala Leekoh


Achala Leekoh graduated with a Bachelor of Design with an emphasis in Fashion Design and Product Development from the University of Moratuwa in 2013. Her graduation collection won the Serendib Inspirational Award. Through her namesake brand “Leekoh, which was launched at the Emerging Designer showcase at Colombo Fashion Week 2018, Achala aims to elevate designer wear with a touch of art and customized printing, catering to the modern discerning woman of today.

Since inception, her brand Leekoh has promoted the concept of “exclusive prints with a conscience”; she steers away from traditional water-based printing due to its negative impact on the environment and instead uses digitized printing processes which has minimal to no waste residue. She also works with artisans and local communities for her intricate embroidery detailing, thereby helping these families to earn a livelihood. Achala also works as a Senior Designer at one of the biggest apparel manufacturers in Sri Lanka, MAS Holdings, where she is closely involved with brands like Victoria’s Secret. This is Achala’s third year in the CFW Emerging Designer program.

Design Portfolio

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