Buddhi Batiks


Darshi Keerthisena De Livera is the creative director at Buddhi Batiks, a leading proponent of the batik craft in Sri Lanka. Darshi is noted for infusing contemporary fashion into the traditional Sri Lankan batik craft, and for leveraging modern technology to make batik prints available for use in high
quality digital printing.

Buddhi Batiks is an ethical fashion business designing and manufacturing both handmade batik fabric, apparels and accessories, as well as scanning and digitally printing these designs on recycled fabric using dyes that make no use of water. The original handmade batiks are made at a workshop that supports and
hires exclusively from the village of Koswadiya, where the batik craft is practiced by women, some of whom have been with the workshop since the company’s inception in 1972 and whom Darshi considers the life blood of her business.

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