Conscience by Ajai Vir Singh is one of Sri Lanka’s first ethical fashion labels and was established with the mission of creating a strong ‘guilt-free’ ecosystem of happiness and truth that will provide a global platform for all ethical businesses and consumers to engage in responsible commerce. The brand stands on the platform of goodness-in-fashion focusing on strong creative expressions that are capable of impacting fashion in a positive way. Over the past few years, Conscience has gained acclaim for its strong, clean and masculine aesthetic. With conscientious living and sustainable fashion as its strongest principles, Conscience handcrafted garments are made with ethically-sourced fabrics. It incorporates eco-friendly practices from the beginning to the end of its sourcing and manufacturing process and the manner in which it is designed aims to deconstruct classic in a new way with underlying humour. The supply chain of happiness is its effort to produce garments that not just use zero-waste fabrics but also create a positive impact on the lives of the individuals involved in this process, and the planet we live in.

Design Portfolio

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