Hasindu Jayasinghe


A graduate from the Department of Integrated Design from the University of Moratuwa, Hasindu Jayasinghe is a designer and an avid textile artist with years of experience in the field. Having mastered techniques pertaining to but not limited to batik art, eco dyeing and printing; which are very iconic to Sri Lankan culture, has led him to engage with people which has become a medium of sourcing inspiration for his work as an artist. 

While being nourished with content from their lives, engaging with similar communities to impart knowledge on art and techniques to be utilised it has always proved to be a rewarding means of accumulating professional experience for Hasindu Jayasinghe as an artist with a philanthropic view.

In a world where violence is forgiven but speaking of it is forbidden & considered taboo by societal norms, Hasindu uses fashion as the communication medium in order to give voice to unspoken stories. 



Design Portfolio

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