Himashi Wijeweera


Himashi Wijeweera holds a B.A (Hons) in Design (2018), specializing in Fashion & Lifestyle Design, from the University of Moratuwa. After graduation, she worked as a designer in the apparel industry at MAS Intimates before launching her own brand HIMASHI. HIMASHI was launched at Colombo Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer showcase in 2018 and this will be her third year participating in this category.

Himashi’s brand provides resort and occasion wear for the modern woman. Her designs incorporate romantic yet contemporary detailing, sleek lines and seek to embolden women with confidence and ease. Himashi’s core aesthetic lies in her use of traditional handmade Beeralu lace. A celebration of craftsmanship, she works with artisans and craftspeople from the south of Sri Lanka to produce her Beeralu creations. Himashi Wijeweera works to foster fair and safe environments for these rural women, empowering them to uplift their livelihoods. She strives to revive the declining Beeralu craft and establish Beeralu lace as part of a luxury resort brand.

Design Portfolio

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