Nads Ratnayaka


Nadeeshani Ratnayaka is a qualified designer who graduated from University of the Arts, London in BA (hons) Design Architecture. She also majored in Creative display for Fashion Retail at the Central St. Martins College of Arts &Design, London. Upon completing her degree while she was working as a Junior Interior Architect in a leading retail design firm in London she realized Architecture was way too serious for her and combining her creativity with the knowledge she gained at Central St. Martins, she decided to branch away from Architecture in to Fashion Display Design; a field that has always been her dream to pursue since childhood. Over the past few years she has challenged her creative potential in many different aspects of design and art field, and has had the opportunity to work at some of the leading fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren London, Dilly and Carlo and ODEL in Sri Lanka as a Fashion Display Designer.

Design Portfolio

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