Nilusha Maddumage


Nilusha Maddumage is a graduate of the Open University of Sri Lanka (2019) and holds a B.A. (Hons) Industrial Studies, specializing in Fashion Design and Product Development. Nilusha is a keen advocate for violence against women, social unity and a green generation and she expresses these messages in her collections. Nilusha launched her label “Agara” at Colombo Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer showcase in 2018.

Nilusha is known for her excellent pattern-making skill and ability to manipulate fabric and narrate not just a fashion-forward story but also one of conservation. Her creations are versatile, multi-use, and sustainable, yet stylish statement pieces. Nilusha Maddumage has a unique talent for stitching squares of fabric together into seasonless, high-fashion clothing with barely any cuts needed. Her process of designing and producing zero-waste fashion involves repeatedly folding and stitching the fabric while carefully arranging geometric shapes to fit as though it were a jigsaw puzzle.

Design Portfolio

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