Nipunika Fernando


Nipunika Fernando is a Fashion and Costume Designer, creating garments for casual, event, costume and avant-garde wear. Her designs focus on sustainability and Sri Lankan design elements. She believes a person’s style is an expression of themselves and considers this when creating custom pieces for clients, ensuring that each client receives beautifully made, personalised garments that they can treasure for years to come. Nipunika views clothing as a method of storytelling, as people make conscious decisions about what they wear depending on their mood, personal style, and environment.

She received her Bachelor of Design from LCI Melbourne in 2019, majoring in Fashion and Costume and minoring in Graphic Design, for which she also received the Dean’s Award of High Distinction. Nipunika Fernando has showcased her designs in two runways for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, for the years 2018 and 2019. She has also worked in wardrobe and costume design for theatre and continues to create costumes for short films. Her brand Naikava aims to add a Sri Lankan touch to everyday wear using traditional motifs and silhouettes.

Design Portfolio

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