Sonali Dharmawardena


Sonali Dharmawardena has worked with many creative mediums from pottery, jewellery and fine arts in oils, watercolour and pencil. But with her discovery of the heritage art of Batik, her life took on a whole new journey, as her love of fashion and art converged. Both an artist and a designer, Sonali has taken what is one of the oldest Sri Lankan Artisan Crafts and put her own individual stamp on it. Experimenting with new technologies and innovations, Sonali has been dabbling in many forms of value addition to fabric by creating fusions of traditional and ancient styles. Her specialty lies in working with natural fabric using wax as a resist and dye to create her own signature lines of fabric. The ‘Sonali Dharmawardena’ and & ‘Acushla’ labels are both registered trademarks of Sonali Dharmawardena.

Design Portfolio

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